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ADAMI invites media students and journalist to participate in the panel discussion - 2018 ADAMI TALKS.

The discussion takes place on November 29, 2018 in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and will be streamed live in all EaP countries.

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Please note, that the event is open only for accredited guests and the discussions will be held in Russian and English.

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ADAMI 2018 Contest Nominees

2018 ADAMI Media Prize Nominees Announcement at PBS


The ADAMI Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe is honoured to announce its nominees of the ADAMI Media Prize 2018 competition. The ADAMI jury sessions took place at Impact Hub Odessa. Twenty-two international jury members were tasked with selecting the nominees and prize winners from 311 submitted TV broadcasts, online videos and web pages promoting national, ethnic, religious or cultural diversity issues from the six Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). The jury panels were composed of representatives of broadcasters, online media outlets and international organizations from both Western European and the Eastern Partnership countries.

The followings are the nominees for the ADAMI Media Prize 2018:


1. Family Ties-director - Lucia Taut, Telefilm Chisinau. Broadcasted on TV Moldova 1, Moldova

2. Soroca’s Bolshoi Theatre-director - Eugeniu Popovici. Broadcasted on TV Moldova 1, Moldova

News and Short non-fiction

1. Stolen Happiness - Olha Krechko . Broadcasted UA: STB, Ukraine

2. The Tower – Salome Jashi. Broadcasted TV Pirveli, Georgia

3. Two Religions in One House – Ketevan Brachuli, Akaki Rukhadze, Giorgi Dzotsenidze. Broadcasted – TV Imedi, Georgia

Entertainment/ Fiction

1. To Our Taste – Tatyanaa Rudakovskaya, Broadcaster Second National TV Channel (ONT), Belarus

2. Dear Friends – Valeriu Andriuta. Broadcaster - Jurnal TV, Moldova

Online video

1. Images of Diversity – Hurie– Ekaterine Tchitanava, Beso Gvenetadze, Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI), Georgia

2. Goran’s Rules of Life– Anastasia Slovinskaya, Giorgi Djaparidze, Toma Begiashvili, Zaza Shukvani,, Georgia

3. American in a Belarusian village– Evgeni Shibinskyi, Belarus

Web page

1. Special Project "Our Others" Online-magazine "The Ukrainians" - Olesya Yaremchuk, Ukraine

2. The Best of Two Worlds - Sona Kocharyan -, Armenia

3. Way Through Culture: Ethnic Tours of Kherson and Southern Ukraine - Mykola Homanyuk, Kherson Regional Department of Sociological Association of Ukraine, Ukraine


1. Motel STRUGURAȘ - Mihai Nichiforeac. Broadcasted TV Moldova 1, Moldova

2. Murat - Marine Kocharyan, Armenia

3. Pen Pals - Nella Vasilevskaya, Andrei Kashperski, Belarus

Special Mention

1. Being Young in Ashagi Saral - Aziz and Ali Qeniyevs, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), Georgia

2. Odessan is My Nationality - Tatiana Suchkova, Elena Nemish, Echo Media, Ukraine

3.   Belsat Music Live - Siarhei Budkin- Belsat TV, Belarus

4.    From Crimea to Siberia: How Russia is Tormenting Political Prisoners Sentsov and Kolchenko - Anna Tsigima, Natasha Gumeniuk – Hromadske TV, Ukraine

5.   ACROSS THE RIVER. Life in a small-town split between Belarus and Latvia - Yuliya Kotskay, Anton Trafimovich, Andre Shauliuha, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Belarus Service 


Representatives of all five productions will be invited to Chisinau to receive their SPECIAL MENTION certificate during the award ceremony on November 29th, 2018.



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The ADAMI Media Prize conducted an official visit to the capital of Armenia. Communications Specialist Natia Koberidze travelled to Yerevan to meet with journalists and filmmakers. Natia made presentations on the ADAMI prize at the Armenian Youth Cinema Festival One Shot, and in the artist's club LOFT. During the visit, Natia met with Shushanik Mirzakhanian, Head of the National Cinema Centre of Armenia and Iveta Tonoian, Director of Kentron TV's Information and Political Department. Armenian colleagues showed their strong support for ADAMI's work and promised further cooperation to promote the ideas of the diversity-ideas of ADAMI. Armenian media outlets shared information about the 2018 media prize competition, and ADAMI looks forward to receiving a strong showing of submissions from Armenia this year.



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