Focus Week: Young ADAMI

Focus Week: Young ADAMI

The Young ADAMI category is open to students, filmmakers, and journalists up to age 28 from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine. For the 2016 competition, we are looking for films and TV video formats that cover themes of integration, migration, and diversity. If your film appeared on TV, at select film festivals in the region, or was part of a film or journalism school thesis, it can be eligible for the prize.

The 2015 winning film for Young ADAMI, How to Cross (from Jiliz to Jiliz), follows a small girl Lousine in the village of Jiliz. She dreams of visiting her relatives who live on the other side of the stream – which also divides the village between Georgia and Armenia. Although only a kilometer separates them, the border forces the families to travel 100km to reach each other. Lousine and the villagers find themselves facing the questions: What is a border? Why do we need a border?

Watch the trailer here.

How to Cross screened at the 2015 CinéDoc Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival.

The 2015 winners of the Young ADAMI Media Prize, filmmakers Marine Kocharyan and Sona Kocharyan, offered a few words to future applicants: “Young people need appreciation of their work. The ADAMI Media Prize creates a space for young people who are striving for diversity to use their talent. It is very motivating and encouraging! We recommend all young people to apply for the Young ADAMI prize.”
Closing date for applications for Young ADAMI is October 10, 2016. Contact us with your questions!

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