ADAMI Media Prize at the 2017 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

Photo credit: DW Global Media Forum

Photo credit: DW Global Media Forum

See you in Bonn!

Excited to present the ADAMI Media Prize at the 2017 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum! This year's theme: Identity and Diversity.

Join us on June 20th for our discussion, "Fighting Hate, Connecting Talents," on ADAMI and promoting diversity and tolerance in the media in Eastern Europe.

See the link to our event here:…/fighting-hate-connecting-tal…/a-38876539

About the DW Global Media Forum:

Identity and Diversity

"In the age of post-truth-politics and populism, what role does journalism play if work based on basic fact-checking does not seem to sell? What moral responsibility do politics have in promoting diversity, even if it means a loss of votes? And how should governments address the complexities arising from globalization and digitalization? Is diversity the heart and driving force of every strong nation or is it only an illusion?

Join us at the Global Media Forum 2017 to shape the discussion the impact of identity and diversity on politics, society and media."

You can find the complete program of the forum here:

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