ADAMI Studio - Workshop in Minsk has started

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The ADAMI Media Prize is launching its second workshop for fiction and documentary film projects in the editing stage, dealing with topics of cultural diversity, tolerance, integration or peaceful coexistence. The workshop is organized in partnership with the International Film Festival LISTAPAD and is held in Minsk, Belarus, Nov 6-8, 2019 for Belarusian and Ukrainian participants. 

The workshop is taking place in several editing rooms, where participants receive tutoring from experienced filmmakers/editors and are working on each other’s edits. Aside from the work in the editing room, ADAMI Studio participants will be given the chance to attend screenings and networking events that the festival offers to its international guests. All Belarusian and Ukrainian production companies, TV stations or individual producers/filmmakers had the chance to apply for this workshop.

Six projects have been selected for the editing workshop, conducted by three international experts: Acclaimed film editor Lena Rem (Germany), famous film director Sergey Bukovsky (Ukraine) and experienced film lecturer Andrej Polupanov (Belarus).

In partnership with the International Film Festival Listapad in Minsk: :     

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In collaboration with the National Film Studio Belarusfilm:

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