ADAMI STUDIO-Chisinau 2019

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In its 2019 ADAMI STUDIO initiative, ADAMI will conduct six editing workshops with film teams (fiction and documentary), who work on a film or TV project on a topic related to cultural diversity. Each film, which will be selected through a competition process, must be in the process of editing/post-production. The winning teams will be invited to gather for a three day editing workshop held by international experts. The workshops will focus on the story line and drama potential of each project

The ADAMI STUDIO-Chisinau is being organized in partnership with the International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF and will take place on May 26-28, 2019. Aside from the work in the editing room, ADAMI Studio participants will be given the chance to attend screenings and networking events that the festival offers to its international guests. All Moldovan production companies, TV stations or individual producers/filmmakers interested in participating with a project in production, can apply for the workshop seminar.  

The workshop will be open to the directors and the editors of the selected films. Through the competition, four to six projects will be selected for the editing workshop, to be conducted by three international experts: Acclaimed filmmaker Irene Langemann (Germany), director/editor Radu Dumitru (Moldova) and film editor/war correspondent Mikhail Moskalenko (Ukraine).

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